Catastrophic Coverage

Our headline takes on new meaning daily as the pernicious nature of Obamacare grows more difficult to disguise. The gradual revelation that in every respect, Obamacare will have the opposite impact our beloved leader promised, no longer rates as even a mild surprise.

And while litigating against Obamacare could be seen as a solemn duty, the courts are at best unreliable. In practical terms, there is no need to cite even one other reason why comprehensive Republican success in next year’s elections is an existential necessity.

By then, theoretically, the totalitarian monstrosity will have been fully in place for 11 months. But we can see how things are going. Implementation is a mess, and behind schedule. Tearing it down will not add too much more confusion even in 2015, and would be worth the trouble in any case. It’s that choice, or be prepared to rearrange every detail of your life. Start by calling your doctor to find out if he or she is planning to stick around for all the fun.

Examining the plight of a California landscaping business, last Friday’s Wall Street journal noted that if all 270 of its workers take employer-sponsored coverage and pay the maximum allowable 9.5 percent of premium costs, the company’s share will still wipe out its profits.Some politicians in Washington, D.C. might enjoy that, but the workers would soon be unemployed.


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