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The MacIver Institute strikes again, with videotape of Leftist punks and slobs attempting to disrupt and intimidate people who are providing children with something all too rare in Milwaukee: quality education.

The scene is Messemer Preparatory School, where the vast majority of kids go on to college, in stark contrast with kids taught by (some of) the protesters seen on the tape. The kids doomed to attend Milwaukee Public Schools go on, in shocking percentages, not to college but to a life of illiteracy, innumeracy and cultural ignorance unless they somehow find a way to teach themselves.  Brace yourselves before watching the MacIver video. It reminds us to be grateful to the Left for once again unintentionally doing the rest of us a favor.

For years Brother Bob Smith has been building strong minds at Messemer. But there’s one thing Brother Bob can’t give his students. It’s priceless, and the protesters delivered it free of charge.

They allowed the students to personally witness what human beings can easily become without the discipline and sense of decency that open the door to learning in Messemer classrooms.  The kids got to see what happens when people choose to define themselves by who they hate rather than by what they can do.

It’s a lesson few of the Messemer students are likely ever to forget. And sadly for some of the people on the picket line, it may well have been the only effective teaching they’ve ever done.


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